The Innovation Award to share the results of digital innovation in Italian SMEs * and PA. 
Many companies and local authorities do not yet fully exploit the benefits deriving from the adoption of modern technologies and this is why it is important to encourage their integration and use.
Smau values ​​and shares, during its national roadshow, the innovative excellences rewarding companies, PA and startups able to demonstrate that innovation, not only technological, but also of ideas and projects. It is a key aspect of its business, able, therefore, to support its growth and development and guarantee its competitiveness on national and international markets.
Because of its ability to keep up with the times and demonstrate innovation and place in the web market a company that operates in the area since 1945, Antonella Gusso, Editorial Area Manager, development and organization Corrado Tedeschi Editore, was awarded Tuesday, October 24th from President SMAU Pierantonio Macola.


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