In 1945, Corrado Tedeschi (1899-1972) , professor and journalist , founded Corrado Tedeschi Editore in Firenze.

The first magazine appeared on newsstands was the New Puzzles Pocket ( Nuova Enigmistica Tascabile ), whose first issue dates back precisely to 18 August 1945. In fact , before the outbreak of World War II , he had already left some numbers , but the rampant racial ideology had prevented Corrado Tedeschi , because jew , to carry out the activity as a publisher . Another historic newspaper was Hobbies (Passatempi).
The New Scientific Tedeschi Encyclopedia was published in the early 50's, first sold in bundles and then in hardcover.
During the time that was in vogue The Musichiere , also began to Corrado Tedeschi the adventure of manufacturing disks . The first came out with the NET in 1959 was Passion Flower, interpreted for us by Baby Gate, stage name of great Mina , early in her career. In the following months  production increased , and then were introduced dance and chamber music.
It was then the time of Opera, output of weekly records with the masterpieces of our music: La Traviata , Aida and Rigoletto .
In the early 70s , Corrado Tedeschi published a new newspaper, one of a kind: Il Giornale dei Misteri . The fields of interest of this monthly magazine were different : from ufology to clipeologia , the occult sciences to astronomy.


Today our Publishing House , as well as being one of the leading companies in the field of puzzles , has been able to renew itself over the years.
From 2009 to 2014 has been published the Bass Fishing magazine , a bimonthly magazine for all anglers enthusiasts to the black bass (www.bassfishing.it). Among publishing also The Bass Fishing Secrets, theoretical and practical manual for black bass fishing .
A new journalistic adventure began in 2009 , Tuscany News 24 (www.toscananews24.it), electronic newspaper . An all-news daily news, events , sport and entertainment . 
Updated in real-time , enriched by photographic and video subsidies.Since 2013, production has been enriched by creativity handbook: knitting, patchwork, crochet, textile art, fashion, food etc .

The Company also offers a wide range of publishing products for all its customers; with a high standard of quality and highly competitive prices, having in it the complete production cycle. 

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