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"DOLCE AUTUNNO -Patchwork, Embroidery, Colouring - #FallPatterns" by Maria Rosaria Nola Bonaccorsi Without going overseas, in Italian and in English, a delicious collection of new, fun and very versatile models.

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"Il Punto Brioche " by Paola Albergamo Brioche stitch produces a soft, elastic and reversible fabric. In this handbook the author will take you step by step through the processing of a point that has gained great international success in recent years.

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"Elisa & Bella Francavilla" by Stéphanie Öhrström Elisa and Bella Francavilla is the story of a girl who wants nothing more than to play soccer, which is the most beautiful thing for her. But Mom and Dad tell her that it's not a sport for females and her sister tells her not to act like a tomboy. Elisa doesn't understand what it means, why can't girls...

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"Miniquilt 2" by Benedetta Cantoni  I love spending the afternoons at the sewing machine, I like to create and design, relaxes and realizes me, patchwork is my best medicine for stress and everyday racing. I passed on this passion to my daughters and this makes me proud, they love sewing, designing and creating with fabrics. I try to carry out projects...

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