Creativity desire

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"Creativity desire" by Emma Fassio

Drawing and coloring makes us happy  and allows us to be focused on something that is not real life.  It isolates us in a magical moment, in a bubble suspended in space and time. That’s why  I think that, with knitting, they can be considered as an anti-stress activity.

10,00 €

In 2014 published "Top-Down Knitting" and "The triangular shawl" (Corrado Tedeschi Editore); in 2015, again for the same publisher, "Cappe and ponchos", "Knitting Home Decor" and "Patchwork and Knitting" and in 2016 "Introduction to Fair Isle"and "Socks & stockings".

(64 pages b/w + color cover, size 160 x 230 mm)

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