Assisi e Celtic

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"Assisi e Celtic" by Maria Rosaria Nola Bonaccorsi and Febe Daria Aveta 

This book comes from a train meeting between two very different and yet similar women: Febe and Maria Rosaria. A encounter that has opened new horizons, new possibilities, new knowledge. It's what's called "meeting between related souls ".

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Three books in one! Yes, a book where you merge two different techniques and a story that combines three women! An useful handbook to learn how to run the Punto Assisi and Celtic, all explained in detail and accompanied by lots of photos. Thrilling to read, because in addition to teaching two such popular techniques, tells the story and the hidden symbolism behind these operations, and tells the authors, through an exchange letters full of emotions and revelations of the artists. We reveal the secrets of a sacred and precious embroidery so important in embroidery culture in Italy and tells us what the Celtic culture can be a source of inspiration and valuable lessons. At the end of the book , a personal gallery of three artists who have contributed to this unique project , because "Beautiful Things" and "Beautiful People" make life better.

(140 color pages, size 210 x 275 mm). Italian language.

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